Getting a Better Review as an Escort

As an escort, you need to realise the importance of reviews. Escorting is like any other business and professional escorts go through lengths to get good and positive reviews from their clients. It is prudent to be business-savvy as that is the only way to survive in a highly competitive escort industry.

It is prudent to remember that you may have to convince clients to write reviews. This effort will be worthwhile once they understand how important it is for you to sustain your business. Here are a few things that you need to school clients when they are writing reviews:

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Create a Proper Structure

Reviews are meant for other potential clients. So, it should describe your physical appearance, the services that they really liked, your attitude towards clients, and whether they would be interested in repeating the experience they had with you.

Keep Reviews Short and Simple

Ask clients to write authentic reviews that are short. Request them not to exaggerate or divulge too much about their relationship or rapport with you. Some things are meant to be hidden and your rapport with a client is one of them. Also, request clients not to mention rates as you may offer special rates to regular and repeat clients.

Now, that you know what a review should state, it is time to find out how you can get better reviews from your clients.

Provide Stellar Service

Escorting is a service-oriented industry. Hence, you should focus on providing your clients with outstanding service. Happy and satisfied clients are equal to repeat clients, and it is these clients who will be willing to write positive reviews about you. When clients enjoy themselves, they will be more amenable to writing reviews.

Request Clients for Reviews

Do not ask a first-time client for a review unless the client mentions that your services were outstanding. You should focus on repeat clients, who keep coming back to you for the services you provide. These clients will be more than willing to write anonymous reviews on your website as well as the online directory where you have listed yourself.

Create a Newsletter for Regular Clients

Since it can be a bit embarrassing to ask a client for a review immediately after a session, get your clients to subscribe to your newsletter. You can do this by putting a subscription option on your personal website or online adult directory. That way, you can send out newsletters to clients and ask them to write a positive reviews about you. You can incentivise the review-writing with hot photos of yourself or a short video.

List Yourself on a Popular Escort Directory

While there are numerous online adult directories, they are not equal. Choose a popular and reputed directory, like TopEscortBabes, that receives frequent footfalls from clients from London, Amsterdam, Paris, Dubai, Manchester, and other major cities of the world. That way, you will be able to create a following of loyal customers, who will be more likely to write reviews about you on the directory website.

The Bottom Line

These are some of the ways to get better reviews as an escort in London. Always provide great services to your client and then asking them for reviews will not be that difficult. Make sure you have a website or are listed on a directory, like TopEscortBabes, where clients can anonymously post their reviews. That will help you ensure you have a steady flow of old and new clients.

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