Complete Guide to Women Happy Ending Massage

Many people love a little bit of indulgence when it comes to physical intimacy. This could be achieved through massages, foreplay, and role-play as well. A happy ending massage is one such technique that can give a great amount of pleasure to the female partner. One can indulge in it on their own or get someone else to do it for them.

Happy ending massages sound very delightful and sexy in theory. However, for some people, the reality of it is quite different, and does not usually follow through with the fantasy. What we often expect is not what we get. It involves a darkly lit room in a dinghy part of the town. However, here we prove it false and one can experience those amazing happy ending massages using simple techniques. All one needs is some sexy tricks up their sleeve. These are very easy and most of them are DIY but you can also get a masseuse to induce a happy ending.

Here is a brief guide for a complete women’s happy ending massage!

Set the right mood:

A happy ending massage involves a good ambiance in terms of the place and well, a physical release. But, before getting hands-on, the right mood has to be set for the perfect sexual experience. It involves dimming the lights, lighting some scented candles, playing soft music, and splurging on the massage oils. Some bonus things would involve clean sheets, nice soft and fluffy towels, and a skimpy outfit for the complete effect. Once the mood is set, the ending will always be happy!

Do the groundwork:

Preparing the mood involves touching the pleasure points in a woman. It is a good idea to start with a feather stroke on areas like the nape of the neck, shoulders, arms, and lower back. This should last for five minutes at the least. This can be done in circular motions, long strokes, or from one side to another. Gradually, progress to firm and slow strokes with the thumbs and palms of the hand. This can send her squealing to seventh. Usually, when you choose a happy ending Asian massage in London, the masseuse will set the mood for the massage session. So, you don’t have to worry.

Build the anticipation:

A good experience is all about building anticipation and it keeps her waiting and longing for more. The inner thighs are an excellent place to build gravity and are highly sensitive. Given the location in the body, it can lead to the ultimate climax. Gently knead this area using the fingertips or the heel of the hand. This can be the grand finale. Opting for an erotic massage in Liverpool St will automatically build up the tension and anticipation. You will impatiently wait for the massage to happen so that you can climax like never before.

Do not ignore the breasts:

Breasts and nipples are stimulated easily in women and are considered erogenous zones. Teasing and stimulating the breasts and nipples increase the blood flow to the sexual organs instantly when sexually aroused. Use the index finger and the thumb and massage the nipples in a rotating motion. Do it clockwise and anti-clockwise and make her world go round.

Lubrication is the ultimate gimmick:

The female genitals are an extremely sensual and sensitive area of her body. It is important to make it comfortable for her and using fragrant lubricating oils is a great way to do it. Warm the lube by rubbing it across the palms before you get started. Use the right amount of pressure and concentrate on the inner areas. When a woman is aroused, you will immediately know because of the tell-tale signs.

In Conclusion

A happy-ending massage is meant for sheer pleasure and sexual stimulation. If it is done in a proper way using these tips, the ending will be happy. These little nuances are important for a good physical relationship and also mental satisfaction.

If you are looking for happy-ending massages for women, you cannot go wrong with Oriental Massage. It is a premier massage service and all the masseuses are trained to provide indulgent massages. You can easily choose a bisexual Asian masseuse who will help you enjoy a mind-blowing happy ending!

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